Tv rf tuner only works when touched?

so i replaced a old broken tv rf tuner with a new one, but now it only tunes channels correctly and clearly if i keep my finger touched to one of the soldered pin labeled "33v" on the board?? how can i fix this?

You are most likely acting as an antenna. Try soldering a coil of wire to that pin; see if it helps. It would also be helpful to know where "33v" goes... do you have a schematic or anything? Or at least follow the trace...


no i dont have a schematic, i soldered the rf tuner to the tv and the pin i touch to make it work is labelled "33v" on the tv's board....also here,im using the coaxial cable,which plugs into the rf should i solder only one side of the wire?? like a inductor?

An inductor may work. Or any wire coil, too.

Well my guess is that you are acting as a capacitor. Solder a small capacitor say 100pF from that pin to ground. The other thing yu can try is to solder a wire from the can to a good ground.

Sounds very much like you either have a defective "new" tuner or have either missed a soldered joint or bridged a pair of joints. Out of interest, why did you change the tuner in the first place. There's always the possibility that the fault wasn't actually the tuner but somewhere else in the system and now you've found a "cure" by serendipity.