TVOut and MCP2515

Good evening guys,

is it possible to use both SPI and TVout library on the same sketch. I have an MCP2515 connected to hw SPI on a Uno, and the standard 1k/470R resistors on 7 & 9. I have the CS for the MCP on 4. so I can get the TV out to work with no problem, even with SPI library added… but the moment I add the MCP2515-master library I loose the TVout function.

I would be fine with them working in tandem - as in there would be no time I need to grab or send CAN frames when I am using the TV out function. I checked the TV.end() feature, but it still does nothing.

is it possible or am I trying to do something that will never work?

Thanks, S

is it possible or am I trying to do something that will never work?

My gut feeling is yes. The TV out library will grab most of the time. You need to look at what video signal you are getting when you use the chip to see if the TV has stopped or if it has just got too slow to work.

ok, that makes sense, I can use s scope and see if the 9 and 7 go dead or just slow....

so my question is - how do I turn mcp2515 on/off or tout on/off so I can use all the processing power for one or the other?


If the library doesn’t offer that as an option you would have to hack it to create one. Basically it is all the stuff that the initials or begin function dose in reverse. Stuff like enabling interrupt pins from the timers and so on.