TVout problems, tried many things...

hi guys, i'm back!
anyhow, I was looking around the arduino libary's that might be handy in my "simple computer" project. found the ps/2 libary, some text libs and finaly, the TVout lib. I can't get that last one working and have tryed many things, like:

  • checking the circut multiple times before,during, and after each monitor test
  • trying to power via USB instead of the 9V in case it for some reason did not have enough power
  • testing all 3 examples (although I know I use PAL) and my own simple one meant to print "TEST" at the top-left
  • tested on 3 TVs in the house.

these are the rezults i noticed:

  • the TV notices the signal, instead of showing NO SIGNAL or a blue screen on the mini-TV
  • when testing on the mini-TV, it makes flickering effects and a strange noise.
  • lastly, on the normal TV, when unplugging GND, I notice a faint "TEST" displaying on the screen for about 1 second moving down before the TV lost the signal, when running my TEST

can someone tell me what the problem is?
other stuff:

  • arduino uno
  • PAL screens
  • resistors all correct

come on, there must be something I haven't tried...
I whud do more tests, but hearing the sound of that mini screen thing, I am afraid I might damage the arduino or the TV if I continue doing things that I have tried before.

How about a link to your schematic and code?

found the problem!
I got the 470 resistor confused with a 470K one. the label on the resistor box was old and the K was unreadable.
problem fixed, it seems! although that mini-screen still does not work... but that is not a major problem.