TVout Schematic Issue

I was trying to get the TVout library working and I found that the given circuit diagram appears to have the resistors reversed.

You can use an 8ohm speaker to check the signals coming out of pins 7 and 9. Pin 7 has a variable signal while pin 9 has a steady tone which indicates it's the sync signal.

Having the resistors set up the way the TVout page says resulted in no image.

The other thing I found is that that 75ohm resistor between video and ground isn't really optional. Even when the video in on your device shows a 75+ ohm resistance, the image is still fuzzy.

I was wondering if anyone else found these same issues or if the resistors depend on the monitor.

I confirmed flipping the resistors and adding the 75ohm to ground works on a genuine UNO and the cheap Chinese Duemilanove / Diecimila nanos with a low cost LCD monitor

Figured out that it was other wonkiness causing problems.

It actually doesn't really matter which resistor goes to which signal (sync or video). The resistance on the video signal just impacts the brightness a bit.

The board as designed works just fine.

It would take more testing to figure out what the real variances can be for those resistors before the image stops showing up.