TVS - Clamping voltage? (Edited)


I would like to use a TVS diode for my circuit.


  1. TVS suppress the voltage between Vbr and Vc to the clamped-transient-voltage, right?
  2. I couldn’t find the clamped transient value in the datasheet, so how to know the clamped-transient?

This is the datasheet link, and the attached photo is the TVS (P6KE36A) that I thought to get.


The graph is basically all you need to know. For any given voltage it shows the current that flows (for a typical device). The max transient voltage depends on the max transient current available (or alternatively the max current depends on the max voltage). What are you protecting against? What current can it source?

Vc is the maximum rated clamp voltage and Ipp the max current - above this and the device may be damaged. And there will be a max energy per pulse spec somewhere too so you know how long a duration the transient can be.


I am protecting against surges.

my circuit max details are: 36v 15A

The part that confuses me is that I do not know where I can find "clamped-transient"?

What is your TVS suggestion for my case (36v 15A)?

I appreciate it.