Twelve RGB (4P) led circuit help required

Hey guys

Previously worked with 2P led and arduino before and I'd like to move on with RGB. I have a handful of those 3528 and wondering how would I go about having 12 (twelve) of those 4P connected in series (or parallel?) to an arduino. Noticed the ULN2003 darlington array would be an easy choice. LED and ULN2003 would need to be powered over 12V I'm assuming with the arduino on 5V.

Anyone got a circuit for that sort of 4P led polarity? I'll be honest I'm clueless how to PWM those NEG rgb. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks

You can't connect them in series because of the common terminal. The common anode goes to the power supply and cathodes go the driver circuit with a current limiting resistor for each color, so that's 36 resistors total.

When an LED is wired this way the logic is "reversed" so when the driver is low current flows and the LED is on and no current flows when the driver is high.

36x Resistors, good god :frowning:
Would mimicking a RGB led strip work (parallel)? Similar to visual below?
Also, would I need to use a high-side switching driver instead? something like UDN2981 instead of the ULN2003.

"The above RGB LED strip consists of sections connected in parallel and each section consists of 3 RGB LEDs (total of 9 LED dies) connected in series."

Thanks for all the help or pointers guys, never worked with RGB LEDs. Certainly never seen common anode ones anyway