Twister from a random number generator

My friend bought this odd machine that generates a random 4-digit number that it shows on a digital display. The number function works, but the machine also has speakers that are not currently working. We want to make a twister game out of it. Is it possible to have a shield read the four digit number and then speak it, along with a naming a limb (e.g. “Right Arm, 5”). Below is a video of the machine.

gambling_machine.MOV (1.98 MB)

Your probably better off just making your own. All you really need is an Arduino UNO + mp3 shield, and maybe a 7-segment display for the number (optional).

color = random(1, 4); // define your colors at the top, #define yellow 1 ... #define blue 4 number = random(1,5); // number to display 1 - 5 body_part = random(2); // foot or hand

Then what you can do is record all the colors, numbers and foot / hand voices, and trigger them to be said when all three have values. Get creative with it.