twitter -> arduino -> pin

Hello folks!

im new to arduino and im trying to learn/understand on how this way of programming works, so please bare with me :)

my goal is to make pins on the arduino high or low thru twitter, so you can control lights or relays or whatever ( my dream is to control a coffee pot or waterboiler etc)

this is where i am atm:

i have been following this guide to be able to read tweets using an arduino yun, and this works for me. if you can read tweets, you can tell it what to look for and make it do your bidding right?

after reading and watching all kinds of stuff on and example's and video lessons on arduino yun+twitter on youtube i still dont understand how to tell an arduino to look for a piece of txt on twitter and make a pin high

example: if i send a twit /D2HIGH or #D2HIGH witchever will work how do i tell my arduino yun to look for that and make digitalpin 2 high and eventually add more pins

ofcourse you can write a piece of code for me that i can implement somehow in the code i have from that would be awsome or redirect me to a project that does this and explains it good

but the thing i want most is somebody to explain or guide me to the right chapters in the cookbook/arduino projects book or site's that explain what is going on here and how to write it.

i know being able to do this project gets pretty complicated for beginners, but would some 1 please point me in the right direction.

thanks in advance

In the code you linked to there is a variable called tweet which is a String which contains the text of the tweet

Use the indexOf method to search for specific text inside the String


klompertje Have you figure out how to make it work? I am looking to do something very similar.