Twitter based webcam trigger

Hi all,

I’ve been thinking about something I’d like to build for a little while and am hoping to get a pointer on the best way to approach this.

I’d like to create a stand-alone unit, that when someone @mentions my Twitter username with a specific hashtag, the unit will be triggered to take a photo then upload that photo onto Flickr and then pass the URL for the upload to a PHP processing script.

The process would work as follows:

  • Twitter user posts new Tweet including my username and specific hash tag (for example, @username #webcam)
  • Arduino unit is alerted to this new post and takes photo via connected camera
  • Photo is uploaded to Flickr
  • ID of Flickr image is given to PHP script
  • PHP script then messages Twitter user to link them to the photo that has just been taken

Ideally the Arduino unit would work via a wifi or ethernet connection and operate stand-alone with no need for connected PC or machine.
It will be important that it can act without a PC as I’d like to make the stand-alone units that are easy to plug-n-play.

It would be great to hear how you think it might be possible to create this and to what extent the Arduino hardware can handle the actual processing before it needs to link to a server side script.

Thanks in advance!

I think the Arduino may not be robust enough. Perhaps something like a BeagleBoard ($150) would work. It runs Linux and can use USB peripherals such as a webcam and a WiFi adapter. It should be able to do the Twitter interface, image capture, and flikr upload.