Twitter-controlled Mood Lamp variable error

Hi everybody,

This is my first post on this board.

I've recently acquired a Wifi shield for my arduino uno R3 board and I'm currently trying to follow the Twitter-controlled Mood Lamp tutorial by the excellent Massimo Banzi :

Source here :

But I got the error "tyhex2dec was not declared in this scope" at the lign 199 when I try to compile the source.

Is it an error or am I missing something ?

Thanks for your help.

That looks like a typo. Try dropping the "ty".

Indead it's compiling now... but the led does not change color...

I will try to add some debug print messages to understand

It's sad that it's not working out of the box


How are you getting along with the mood lamp and twitter?

I am trying to follow it. I don't have a wifi shield so am converting it to use ethernet shield instead. sadly I can't even get it to connect ...

Any thoughts?