Twitter enabled coffee machine

Hi all,

I'm new to Arduino and programming, but am eager to learn. I figured that this would be a nice simple project to get me set up and running.

So here's what I want to achieve:

Send a tweet to a specific twitter account, and have the coffee machine turn on/off depending on the text contained within the tweet.

I figure the easiest way to do this is with a power switch tail, and have the Arduino set to a high value for on and a low for off.

Now - I would have to run some software in python on the home PC to check for the tweets say every 10 seconds.

The Arduino would have to be connected to the PC over the home Ethernet network, through a set of powerline adapters from the computer room to the kitchen.

Can anyone advise on which Arduino to get? I've been considering -

Does this sound the best way forwards?

Thanks for your input

seen this thread - Arduino Forum -

The Arduino ethernet looks OK, but I think I would prefer a separate UNO and ether shield (to be able to reuse it ) but on the other hand the price seems to be (very) good.

thanks - I'll order tonight and see how it goes...

just ordered now, and after paying its occurred to me that I have no idea on how to program the Arduino Ethernet as there is no usb, and I presume that you can't program directly over Ethernet....

you need a programmer, like this TDI chip that converts "usb-data" to serial data

thanks, will look into it