Twitter feed display

I've completed my second arduino project - displaying the latest tweet from my friends' feed.

It uses a 16x2 LCD screen and an ethernet shield (and an arduino, obviously). I use a PHP twitter API and a PHP web page to show a single tweet in a suitable format.

The arduino grabs that feed and shows it on screen. The top line is twitter name and time of post, the second line scrolls the tweet.

The code is available on my site:

Comments or suggestions on improvements welcome.


Nice job. Did you have any issues like using the same pins with the LCD and what looks like an Ethernet shield?

Not really, no. The example that comes with the LCD module uses pins 11 and 12, so I moved those down to 7 and 8.

The hardware is very straight forward - the programme was somewhat more complicated for me. I'm new to arduino and it took a few attempts at finding a method that worked.

I've updated it.

I've changed to a bigger screen, added a hit counter for my site and a potentiometer which is used to select feed (to switch between friends feed, your feed or mentions of you).