Twitter Mood Light: Trouble connecting to the WiFly

Hi, all!

Im trying to make this Instructable, Twitter Mood Light;

The code compiles, but I’m encountering problems when the program tries to enter the WiFly’s Command Mode. This is whats happening in the Serial Monitor:

WiFly Shield
initializing SC16IS750 bridge…

connecting to network…
Entering command mode.
warning: failed to find CMD
warning: failed to find Reboot
warning: failed to find READY

I have setup all the electronics and know that all the parts are working. The WiFly shield is a ‘WiFly RN-131C’. Im running it on a Arduino UNO R2.

Im pretty new to Arduino, but I think the problem is within the WiFly library and that the one I’m using is made for an older shield. Anyways any help would be appreciated.

I have attached the code and all the libraries.

Thanks guys! (31.7 KB)

I have attached the code and all the libraries.

But not bothered to search the forum first.

Why not ask the idiot that put together the instructable why the hell it doesn't work?

But not bothered to search the forum first.

I have searched the forum and the web for days, but havent found any answers to the bug. I have also sent a message to the guy who made the Instructable. And my bug is still unsolved. Thats why I created this topic, hoping for some help from more experienced users.

That there are several other people posting about problems with the same instructable means that the instructable is crap. If the person that created the crap responds, please do post the reply.


Did you resolve? I have found most of the code kicking out the errors to serial, but have not resolved. My best guess is it is a SpiUart problem as it is either not sending the $$$ the correct way or receiving the response the correct way. I have changed the settings in SpiUart.cpp to reflect the new chrystal, but still no go.