Twitter Powered Camera

Hey guys, Im really new to arduino tinkering but I have a great idea for a project. Pretty much I would like to build a camera that senses motion, either using a motion sensor or an infrared sensor, then takes a picture and uploads it to twitter. Any advice would be great! Thanks a ton!

Any advice would be great!

Go for it!

Your topic title is a bit misleading, since Twit won't be powering anything.

My advice would be to take it slowly and learn what this system can and can’t do easily.

The arduino is not great at handling pictures because of the lack of memory. Any picture has to be transferred from the camera over several frames unless the camera actually freezes it in it’s own memory.
You will also need to look at Ethernet shields.

I would definitely take a look at the camera that Adafruit recently started stocking.

They've written a library for it, so all you need to do is plug it in and start looking over the library example sketches to get going. From there you can get it hooked up to the 'net and whatnot.