twitter search

I'm trying to setup a sketch to search twitter using an Arduino. I've already done this using Temboo but I ran out of accesses as you only get 250 per month.

I've seen several sketches with searches but they are all old ones and don't use the newer oath keys etc.

Does anyone know of a twitter library that will work or can point me in the right direction so I can roll my own ? I'm using Wifi101 so I can connect to Wifi and I've read the Twitter api on searches and can see how to put a search string together and the OAuth keys but how do you send that from the client object ? Which goes first for example OAuth string or search string ?

I would really appreciate a lift up here.


You might take a look at THIS THREAD. It was in Feb. of 2019. Not sure when Twitter switched to "the newer oath keys" as I don't partake in anti-Social Media (other than a couple of forums).

Yeah, I looked at this before but you can only post from it.
Thanks for the help anyway.