Two 433mhz transmitters at the same time

Hi all,

I’ve build a system to detect motion outside (PIR). This PIR is attached to a Arduino Nano. The Nano sends out a signal to the inside-unit (arduino Uno). As soon as this Uno receives a signal, it sends a new signal to the KIKU on/off system:

I use a multi color led for debugging. So when The Uno is receiving, i cannot turn the lamp on. Not even with the original remote. So I thought i’d use a delay, so it would not clash. After the delay the LED turns white. On this point I can turn on the lamp with the original remote. On the same moment, the Uno sends out the command to turn it on, but it just won’t. I don’t get why.

I hope this is explained okay. Any help will be appreciated!

// Include VirtualWire library
#include <VirtualWire.h>
#include <NewRemoteTransmitter.h>

// Create a transmitter on address 123, using digital pin 11 to transmit,
// with a period duration of 260ms (default), repeating the transmitted
// code 2^3=8 times.
NewRemoteTransmitter transmitter(10302762, 13, 255, 3);
// Pins definition
const int led_pin = 13;
const int receive_pin = 2;
int pinSpeaker = 10;

void setup()

  Serial.begin(9600); // Debugging only
  // Initialise the IO and ISR
  vw_setup(4000); // Transmission rate
  // Start the receiver PLL
  // Set LED pin and Buzzer
  pinMode(led_pin, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(pinSpeaker, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  uint8_t buf[VW_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN];
  uint8_t buflen = VW_MAX_MESSAGE_LEN;

  // Check if a message was received
  if (vw_get_message(buf, &buflen))
    if (buf[0] == '1')
      Serial.println("Motion detected!");
      analogWrite (11, 255);
      analogWrite (10, 0);
      analogWrite (9, 0);
      analogWrite (11, 0);
      analogWrite (10, 0);
      analogWrite (9, 255);


// duration in mSecs, frequency in hertz
void verZenden()

  transmitter.sendUnit(1, true);
        analogWrite (11, 255);
      analogWrite (10, 255);
      analogWrite (9, 255);

If my description is not good enough, please let me know if you have questions!

It's seems I have the same problem. and it seems its coming from the vw_setup(4000) Have you resolved your problem ? if yes can you post the solution ? Thanks