Two arduino communication with quick setup


i would like to make two arduino send data to each other with quick setup, i was thinking os using RFID reader/writer to send data with a touch.

eventually what i want to do is to have a program where i can send data to any another arduino without seting up. So for example i pair the two arduino only with a single touch .... something similar to android beam where you can send data to two different android phones with one touch.

any suggestions of what i need to use ? which technology (NFC, bluetooth, WIFI direct .... etc ) as am stuck for now .


A tv remote control communicates with a tv without any kind of setup. It that the sort of thing you want?

Pairing one device with another is an optional step that usually involves exchanging secret keys so that the conversation can be made private, or to verify the identity of the participants.

Whatever system you choose will require both participants to run firmware that you write and upload before they can communicate. The Arduino isn't like Android, it ships with very little in the way of communications protocols.

This url=]Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial[/url] may be of interest.

If one Arduino with an nRF24 is listening all that is needed is to switch on the other (transmitting) Arduino and communication will start. However when you write the programs for them you need to give the Tx the address of the Rx.

The communication will be secure as long as there is not another listening device with the same address. There are about 2555 possible addresses.