Two arduino's data on common computer.

hi, i have DUE and UNO. DUE is used for acquiring analog signals. where as UNO is having some senors. both are independently doing their job.

i want both arduino's data on single computer.

looking for both solutions wired and wireless.

how do i do it. any clues.


The obvious solution seems to be to connect both Arduinos to the PC with USB cables.

Another option might be for the Uno to send its data to the Due which could then send it on to the PC - perhaps by USB cable or maybe using Bluetooth.

There are probably a dozen more options.


looking for both solutions wired and wireless.

The first and last 1/2" will use the same code, wired or wireless.

If you want to go wireless, you need tn answer all the usual wireless questions. How far? How much? How reliably?