Two Arduinos on one PC?

Hi, i find it rather unbelievable, but i havent found an answer through searching so i might, although i dont think so, be the first to have this problem or asking the question: How do i connect 2 Arduinos at one (Windows) PC?

I attached the first (everything ok) and then the second: The IDE doesnt find no Arduino at all no more and the Hardware Manager shows me two Devices on one Com Port. Of course the first thing i did was to change ports, but the result is still nill…
Any ideas what i could do about it?

Weird, I actually have connected 3 arduinos, duemilanove, decimilla and seeduino without problems.

Connect one and change its COM port using the Hardware Manager, then connect the other.

Ereid’s solution sounds like it will work. I think the underlying problem is that the Windows FTDI driver is dumber than a Yugo full of hammers and doesn’t automatically assign multiple FTDI devices to different com ports.

that solution did actually work, thanks :0)

Wow, good news to me!

‘Two arduinos on one PC’(running both of the arduinos at the same time, acquiring sensor data) is exactly what I am trying to do this week.
What a timely discussion!

Appreciate your suggestions and helps.


i should add that this thing did not just work the first moment, but the drivers now apply the right COM Ports at each connection (in my case COM3 for the first connected Arduino and COM5 for the second)… so this was a onceandforall solution :0)

I am wondering the same thing about 2 Arduino BT units.

I want to have 2 Arduino BTs running the same script that collects sensor data and passes them on to MAX/MSP (in windows Vista on a PC with a bluetooth dongle).

Does anybody foresee obvious obstacles to getting separate sensor data from 2 Arduino BTs in this way?

My guess is that setting up separate COM ports for the Arduino BTs should be easy (touch wood). However, I am using a Firmata-based script for the Arduino and this relies on MIDI for passing the data on to MAX/MSP, so I will need to adjust the scripts to ensure the 2 Arduino BTs are using separate MIDI channels.

Any advice would be much appreciated as I am holding off buying a second Arduino BT at the moment due to my uncertainty.