Two BMP180 pressure sensors one Mega2560

I am working on a 3D printed wind tunnel and I have designed a Pitot-Prandtl tube to measure the speed with two pressure sensors. I am using one BMP180 to measure the dynamic pressure and the other for static pressure.
I have done some research and I found out that I can't use two BMP180 sensors on the same SCL and SDA ports because they have the same IP. One way around it is to use a multiplexer but I don't have one and I want to create a second I2C bus on a free pair of pins using SoftI2CMaster library and I can't find any information on how this should be done.
I have no experience with Arduino and so far I managed to program one sensor and retrieve information from it. Can someone tell me where I can find information that will help me?

Thank you!

Study the program examples in the software I2C library you linked. To use it, you choose two free pins to be SDA and SCL, and declare those pins when you instantiate the library.

Otherwise, consider using a more modern and more accurate pressure sensor, like this one, which offers selectable I2C addresses as well as an SPI interface. You can have several of them on the I2C or SPI bus at the same time.

You could add some circuitry and switch one off whilst you read the other ?

I suspect you might have other problems - have you calculated the pressures you will get , will the 180 read them with any accuracy ?? The dynamic pressure is likely to be very small