Two BNO080 sensors can not be started sometimes

Dear Sir or Madam,

I linked the two boards together with Arduino board Due; the detailed linking is illustrated in the attachment. Sometimes, the output from the serial port of Arduino shows that " BNO080 not detected with I2C ADR jumper open". It means that the sensors can not be started. While sometimes the two sensors can be started and output values. May I know whether there are problems with the way of linking? or it is the problem of the products itself? Many thanks.

Two_BNO080_link.pdf (74.1 KB)

are the BNO080 sensors using the same I2C address?
if so unless you are using two seperate I2C channels (your schemtic indicates you are using the same I2C) you will have problems


different address, 0x4B and 0x4A; they are in Open and Closed I2C ADR jumper respectively. When I use ''i2c_sanner.ino'', two sensors are detected. However, when they are used to measure angles, they can not be started sometimes.

do both devices have problems starting?
when measuring angles are you starting and closing the devices every time?

have you looked at the BNO080_Arduino_Library

in particular Example14-TwoSensors

sometimes one and sometimes both can not be started. I have tried another arduino board and it is ok. I guess there are faults with the Due borad. Thanks.

just realised that your schemtic does not show any pullup resistors on SDA and SCL - typicaly 2K to 4Kohms
unless the BNO080 PCBs have pullup resistors the I2C will not work or give intermittent results
make sure you do not exceed 3.3V on any of the pins they are not 5V toterant