Two buttons and pressure sensor to control RGB LED


I'm working on a project, one element of it is that I have two buttons and a pressure sensor as inputs, and one RGB led as an output. If I push button one, the LED should light up yellow, pressure sensor should light led cyan, and pushbutton 2 should light up led magenta.

When I had just pushbutton 1, the led lights up yellow bright, and works fine. When I added the pressure sensor, I could hold the pressure sensor, and the cyan would light up. However, when I added pushbutton 2, it works to light up the led magenta colored, but when i release pushbutton 2, and try to light it yellow with pushbutton 1, it's very dim and blinking. Same with the pressure sensor lighting cyan, it is very dim and blinking.

I tried taking pushbutton 2 out, then the cyan lights up fine, but the yellow is dim. If I take pushbutton 2 and pressure sensor out, then the yellow lights up fine.

Only one side of my breadboard works, because I think I fried the other side in a separate project with a temperature sensor.

Why can't I switch between the inputs seamlessly? I would like to be able to switch between them, first lighting it magenta, then yellow, etc. Do I have too much on one side of the board, or does it sound like a programming issue?

Thanks in advance

Why can't I switch between the inputs seamlessly?

No idea.

But what would help is if you posted a schematic and your code.

My guess is you have made an error in one of those.