Two conditions in triggering

Hi guys i want my controller to trigger at values 150-250 and 1000-1200 i was wondering if i can have 2 conditions in an ‘if’ statement

Something like this:

if (total > 150 || total <250);
digitalWrite (11,HIGH);
else if ( total < 150 || total > 250);
digitalWrite(11, LOW);
if (total > 1000 || total <1200;
digitalWrite (11,HIGH);
else if ( total < 1000 || total > 1200);
digitalWrite(11, LOW);

That won’t work.
No matter the value of total both if statements will evaluate as true, the else if parts are never reached.

What would work:

if ((total > 150 && total < 250) || (total > 1000 && total < 1200)) digitalWrite (11, HIGH);
else digitalWrite(11, LOW);

Also instead of using the pin number, better make that a variable. Then you can refer to the pin by that variable and if ever you want to change it you can change it in one place. Using a descriptive variable name also helps you remembering what it is you’re referring to.