Two different speed servos

Dear all

how to program two servo motors with different speed,each one of them of different speed such that:

#servo1 delay at the first half cycle is equal to the delay at second half cycle
#servo2 delay at the first cycle is 1/3 delay of the second cycle?

Any idea?

Thank you

instead of specifying a end position, can you specify a sequence of intermediate positions for each servo so that they are synchronized

If you use the technique from the Sweep example sketch you can change the speed of movement as and when you like.


can you give me an example? so I can understand you

The Sweep example is in the IDE. The speed of movement is controlled by the delay().

If you want more detailed examples please explain in more detail exactly what you are trying to do and what servo you are using. In particular what exactly do you mean by "cycle" and "half cycle"?