Two DS3231 on I2C bus

It's an eeprom, isn't it? More write cycles than the atmega328's built-in eeprom, yes, but doesn't use battery power to retain data.

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Best explanation of XY I've ever seen...

I was mistaken, was thinking of the internal ram on the DS1307 that needs battery backup.

Yes, it's a shame that ds3231 has no available battery backed ram like ds1307 does. Also a shame that the designers of those commonly available boards did not add an i2c static ram chip instead of the eeprom chip. But perhaps eeprom chips are cheaper and have higher capacities, and the use cases for eeprom, eg. sensor logging, is more common.

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Or like the DS3232 does...

I had never heard of ds3232, thanks @aarg

From this page: