two ESP8266s exchanging 10-50 bytes over connection to my WLAN-Router

Hi everybody,

I am using successfully ESP8266 /ESP32 to exchange data using the ESP-NOW-protocol.
once you have a basic code pretty easy to use.
Now I have a new project where my existing ESP8266s are too far away from the existing other ESPs
to use ESP-NOW. But a re very close to WLAN-repeaters which build a mesh (AVM-Fritz!box and AVMFritz!-repeater; Mesh means seemless change from one repeater to the next if signal-strength changes)

So to avoid setting up two or even more ESP-NOW-relay-stations,

I want to exchange a small number of bytes 10 to 50 bytes based on a connection that uses the existing WLAN-router and the repeaters. I'm explicitly not interested in setting up something like MQTT etc.

If the code is able to send/receive 10 to 50 bytes between two ESP8266 I'm totally happy.

I have done some experiments with small "webserver-codes" like showing two buttons if you click on them switch On/ OFF LED1/LED2. But these codes included medium-big strings with all the html-stuff. I don't need html and a GUI.

I don't need a visible GUI. Just exchanging some byte over WLAN the way you would exchange some bytes over a serial connection. Ready-finished-done.

What would you recommend for this purpose ?

  • a tinyest "webserver" ?
  • UDP?
  • something else?

best regards Stefan

Using AT command set, you can start a basic TCP server (and client) on any port. Have one ESP8266 create the server, the other as client. The socket basically emulates a serial bridge.

Hi hrz,

thank you for answering. That was fast! I should have added to my initial question that I don't want to use the "AT"-Firmware. I don't like this AT-firmware. The complete project includes additional C++-code. And I don't want to setup 2xtwo = 4 ESP8266 one for C++-code one for AT-firmware per station

best regards Stefan

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