Two Flashing LED's

Hi, I am trying to alternately flash two LED's with Arduino Uno. I have two constant declarations and I get an error on the second one: "expected primary expression before "const"
Any help would be appreciated!

#include "Arduino.h"

const int LED1=2 or //digital output pin 2-red lead
const int LED2=3 //arduino digital output pin 3-blue lead

void setup {

pinMode ( LED1, OUTPUT); //sets digital pin 2 as output
pinMode (LED2, OUTPUT); //sets digital pin 3 as output


void loop() {
digitalWrite (LED1,HIGH); //turns on LED1
delay (2000); //wait 2 seconds
digitalWrite (LED1,LOW); //turn off LED1
delay (2000); //wait 2 seconds
digitalWrite (LED2, HIGH); //turns on LED2
delay (2000); //wait 2 seconds
digitalWrite(LED2,LOW); //turns off LED2


Missing semi-colons. And what is the 'or' doing there?

const int  LED1=2[color=red];  [s]or[/s][/color]   //digital output pin 2-red lead
const int LED2=3[color=red];[/color]      //arduino digital output pin 3-blue lead
const int  LED1=2  or   //digital output pin 2-red lead
const int LED2=3      //arduino digital output pin 3-blue lead

The or is out of place and both lines are missing semi colons.
C++ statements end with a semicolon, compiler directives do not (like #declare directives).

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Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions. I got it to compile. I had actually made an additional mistake of leaving out the curved braces () on the void setup statement. I found that one.