two GPS shields on an Arduino uno? Would it work?

Hi there, I am trying to build a GPS receiver and planning to incorporate two GPS in the system. Do you think attaching two GPS shields would work? I reckon the pins would interfere with each other if I stack both of the same GPS shield on top of each other? Therefore, do you recommend that I use one GPS shield and one GPS module (so I can pick where to attach the pins myself?

Do you have a link to the GPS shields your talking about as there are several versions.


It looks like you could get away with using one shield with hardware serial and the other with software serial (switch selectable on shield) but the problem would be the CS pin used for the SD card. You might be able to get away with cutting the trace on one of the shields (see image) and patching it to another unused pin (assuming you need both SD cards) but may also need to edit the software to suit.