Two H Bridge in the same pin

Good afternoon.

I’m starting with Arduino UNO and I don’t have good knowledge with Eletronics.
I´m use Arduino UNO and H Bridge (Picture attachment).
I need to control PWM and direction of motors (4 Power Window Vehicle with 4 H Bridge)
I would like to know if is possible to use the same Arduino output pin to control more than one H Bridge.


You wouldn't normally use PWN with power windows. They are geared-down to run at the right speed and they might stall or fail to start if you try to slow them down with PWM. (Virtually all H-bridge motor drivers are capable of PWM, but you're not required to use it.

Thank you DVDdoug.

I get it.
But I don't need too slow speed to not start it.
In my country big servo motors or big step motors are too dificulties to buy (Brazil).
And to this robot i will need not too precision but I will need strong engines (I don't know how to speak this in English).

PWM= variable speed motor control

Digital HIGH/LOW = either ON or OFF

If you need torque, then use HIGH/LOW to control the motors