Two HMC5883L with Mega2560 .

Hey, Guys. I want to connect Two HMC5883L Magneto sensor. I wan to connect both through I2C configuration. so that i can acquire data from both module.

I have found that no Address Line on HMC5883L module. so i think they have same address line. how do i get rid of this.

what i should do?

anyone did same thing earlier. ?


how do i get rid of this.

Get rid of what? It seems pretty simple to toss one of the devices in the trash, but maybe that's not what you want to do.

what i should do?

Use a different sensor - one that you CAN change the address of.

i have no other sensor. i am looking for a technical solution. “simple to toss one of the devices in the trash,” is not a technical solution.

May be its a very simple for an experience persons, but to get rid of this problem is first priority without purchasing any other magneto sensor.

Use two $1.50 Pro Minis, one for each magnetometer.