Two i2c


I have Arduino MEGA and,


both are I2C .. how to connect in arduino mega?

Connecting? Is not a question about programming :(

Read this, with some pictures of wiring multiple I2C devices:

nid69ita’s link shows how it’s done! But I note that the pull ups are not the usual 4.7K is this because these’s so much on the bus? With the Uno I have only used the DS1307RTC, but in a previous Pivaxe life! I used EEmem, Digital posts, etc.


Sorry @Mel I’m not an electronic.
I searched on google “arduino i2c multiple devices” as images and I found this, that I used one time only, connecting only 2 devices and using 1.5K like in this draw.
If you search on google as image you can see many draw and you are right. Some use 4.7K some 1.5K

Please, wait for a response from an expert in electronic. Sorry I’m not one. :slight_smile:
or try reading here, maybe is useful: