Two IDEs, one compiles fine, the other has problems with typedef

I'm developing firmware for a Leonardo and for some reason an ino that compiles with no warnings or errors on my machine will not compile on another person's and gives a rather useless warning message saying typedef was ignored. It then points at the "};"

Of course if the typedef is ignored it should be an error rather than a warning since the program uses that typedef.

What could cause this when bother IDEs are the same version 1.8.5?

Possibly settings in the preferences might differ; the IDE that throws the warning might have set the warning level higher than the other one.

Show your code (or a representative example) that exhibits the behaviour if you need more help.

Both of us are using what is basically the default settings. I've got code folding turned on and just turned on verbose, still compiles fine for me.

The typedef is in the private section of a class.

typedef struct Configuration
int signature;
byte sleepMode;
uint16_t sleepPeriod;
uint16_t sleepDelay;
uint64_t stepsPerStroke;
uint16_t acceleration;
uint16_t maxSpeed;
uint8_t stepMode;
uint8_t reversed;
uint16_t cutoffVolts;
long int rainCheckInterval;
uint16_t jogStart; // milliseconds before triggering "sticky" move
uint16_t jogMax; // milliseconds after which "sticky" expires
bool eStopEnabled;

It's not verbose, it's compiler warnings; I suspect on the machine that does not ive the warnings it's set to none.

And you don't need the typedef.

Although not 100% sure, if you use a typedef you need to have two 'sides', the 'original' and an 'alias' (sorry for the wording, I'm self-taught); e.g.

typedef struct Configuration


But without the typedef, you can use

struct Configuration

Configuration cfg;

Ah, that’s why it’s ignored but still works fine. The “Typedef” was extraneous.

I finally found the warnings setting and you’re right, it was off on mine for some reason. Don’t remember turning it off but that doesn’t mean anything at my age lol.