Two load cells and INA125P

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I made Half-Bridge 2 Load Cell sensors and INA125P circuit. This circuit works, but not how I thought. Positive sensor increases voltage and negative sensor decreases voltage. How to calculate voltage between two sensors?

Depending on how you have mounted the sensors, you might have to swap one of the sensor's white and black wires, so one sensor outputs a positive going voltage while the other one outputs a negative going voltage.
Connecting both the same way is like this.

Pretty sure that the red wire is the sense wire on those strain gauges, not excite+. I think he has it wired correctly.

I'm just not sure what the question is.

I think you're right about the colours.
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The other half of the story is still valid.
Two load cells "in phase" will always null, independent of the weight.

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One box of beer from me! I changed wires and got 0mV. When I pressed 1st and 2nd sensor volume increased!

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