Two magneto meter sensor.

Hi, Guys .

I want to make compass, in which I have TWO Magnetometer sensor( HMC5833) called M1 and M2 respectively, and Arduino Mega2560.

What i want to do is. M1 will give the data to mega ( M1 will be Master) while M2 (Slave/Follower to M1) will be with a person which is moving so it will be carried by the person. depending upon the data received from the M1 -mega will tell M2 to set its position w.r.t M1. so it will be a compass based navigation system towards true north.

M1 will be the reference (Master) for M2 (Slave/Follower) will follow M1, as both data meet the led will blink.

Thank you.

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i am looking for answer. you might be knowing that i have posted earlier 2-3 days ago. i thought someone on Robotics might be able to answer. Thanks