Two mpu9250 on the same I2C bus

I have problems in reading yaw, pitch and roll data from two mpu9250 connected to my arduino mega2560 by I2C. One mpu address is 0x68 and the other 0x69. I obtained the address 0x69 by soldering the jumper sj2 on my SparkFun IMU Breakout:

In the ‘void loop’ I read the yaw, pitch and roll from the two mpu; I start to read 0x68 and after 0x69 but when I open the Serial Monitor, it shows only the angles from the second mpu. I don’t now why my code read always and only the second mpu (0x69)…I added the line about the passthrough mode in order to switch on/off the mpu, as said Kris Wiener. I do not understand why my code does not detect the accelerations and gyro data from the other mpu.

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absoluteMagnetoCalib.ino (1.93 KB)

LabVIEWInterface.h (7.45 KB)

quaternionFilters.ino (9.44 KB)

two_mpu9250.ino (51.7 KB)