Two or more data types in declaration of 'LDR'

I dont know why its showing this error. Can anyone help please.

void auto LDR(){
int rate = 2;
int T = 1000/rate;
const int ESPERA = 0; MEDIDA = 1;
static state = espera
static unsigned long timeStamp = millis();
unsigned long t;
const float R2 = 18;
const float C1 = 17;
const float C2 = 0.3;
float Volt, RLDR;

case ESPERA:
t = millis();
if (t-timeStamp >= T){
timeStamp = millis();
state = MEDIDA;

case MEDIDA:
Volt = analogRead(pinLDR)/1023.05.0;
LUM = pow(C1/RLDR,1.0/C2);
state = ESPERA;

}//terminou switch
}// terminou funcao

void auto LDR

What is auto doing there?

static state = espera Oops

You should copy and paste your entire code, using code tags.
You should copy and paste the error message, using code tags.
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LDR is declared as a function but also has the unusual declaration of auto. Perhaps this is legitimate but it appears suspicious to me. What does the auto declaration gain for you?