Two Photos with serial Adafruit/LinkSprite camera

I made a program on Arduino UNO rev 3 that take a photo and sen it by POST to http server. Now, i want to send a second photo after the first.

The comand to take a photo is


If i relaunch this command, all works, but i obtaint the same photo. What is the problem?

Ciao Nicola

The Adafruit and LinkSprite camers are not necessarily identical. Which one are you using. A pointer would be nice.

Where did you get the library you are using with the camera? I tried to find the Adafruit library but got a github 404 error:

Someone told me that change something but the cam are very similar. I bought from LinkSprite cam, but i had a problem with their example. Someone told me ti use adafruit lib and all works.

The link:

Tell me. N

  // You can read the size back from the camera (optional, but maybe useful?)
  uint8_t imgsize = cam.getImageSize();
  Serial.print("Image size: ");
  if (imgsize == VC0706_640x480) Serial.println("640x480");
  if (imgsize == VC0706_320x240) Serial.println("320x240");
  if (imgsize == VC0706_160x120) Serial.println("160x120");

I set 320x240.

but in serial monitor i obtain

OK CAM Snap in 3 secs... Image size: 320x240 Picture taken! Server connecting... connected Storing 48268 byte image........................done!

And my image is 48k. Wtahs wrong?


What size would you expect the image to be? It's in jpeg format, which is a compressed format. 48k seems reasonable to me.

Curiously enough, all the samples readily available only show taking a single picture, in typical, inadequate sample code fashion.

The LinkSprite manual does show a nice flowchart of taking a picture that indicates you issue a StepFrame command to the camera after reading out the current image. Try doing that before taking the next picture to see if that takes care of your issue.

I have tried motion picture.

That take foto every time somethink in moving. And it's work.

The thing that i AM NOT ABLE TO DO is to change resolution after a snapshot.

cam.setImageSize(VC0706_320x240); Must set a lover resolution (12kb vs 47kb)

But doesn't work.