Two serial devices possible on an Arduino Uno?

I'm building a device that needs two serial devices... one being this serial enabled LCD ( Serial Enabled 16x2 LCD - Black on Green 5V - LCD-09393 - SparkFun Electronics ) and a flow meter that delivers data over serial.

Thing is - the LCD only needs to RECEIVE data. The flow meter only needs to SEND data.

Can I connect the LCD to the TX pin on the Uno, and the flow meter to the RX pin, and get away with an Uno and the single serial interface? Would that work?

Trying to avoid getting a Mega - save a few bucks.

Yes, that should be easy if the bit rates are the same, much harder if they are different and you have no control over the arrival of data on the Tx pin.


You can use softSerial and define the unused(RX/TX) pin as -1.

disclaimer: This worked with the newSoftSerial library

The just released Arduino Due (not duemilanove) also has multiple hardware serial ports.