Two serial monitors

Hello all, so im working on this project where I have a gyro sensor and a weight indicater which is connected to a scale. I connected them both to my arduino mega using RS232 (RX&TX) but now my question is: I need to use the data from the weight indicater together with the data from the gyro sensor, what I think needs to happen is that I need to add another serial monitor if thats possible? how do I combine these sources of data to eachother?

thanks in advance!

Adding a second "Serial monitor" is easy. Just run a terminal emulator on the PC and connect it to one of the hardware serial interfaces on the Mega.

However, I suspect that is not what you want to do. You say

I need to use the data from the weight indicater together with the data from the gyro sensor,

Do they both use a serial interface ?

Whatever interface they use you can read both of them one after the other and display the results of both on one Serial monitor.

Can you please be more specific what you want to do ?

Thanks for replying,

Here's exactly what I am wanting to do:

So I got a scale on a boat, fish will drop on the scale and the scale will show the weight on a weight indicator. but because the boat goes up and down and sideways, the weight of the fishes wont be stable.. so thats why I am adding the gyro sensor. this will be on the scale and will measure the tilt and such of the boat and with that data it corrects the indicated weight and displays it on a different screen. (Unfortunately it isnt possible to let the scale balance itself out, the scale is fixed to the boat)

Gyro sensor: 9DoF Razor IMU
Weight indicator: MCT 1302

I am using the RS232 outputs of the gyro and the indicator to connect to the arduino (Rx and Tx)

so in my program what I still need to write, I want to use the data of the weight indicator, so for example it shows the fish are 4Kg. but the boat is tilting so we also use the data of the gyro sensor to add more weight to the indicated weight of the weight indicator, so if the boat tilts alot, it will add 2Kg (as an example) so it will show 6Kg on the 2nd monitor I got as the ''corrected'' weight.

But I am struggeling to find an answer on how to add these two pieces of data together.

thanks in advance.

I am struggeling to find an answer on how to add these two pieces of data together.

Do you have a formula that relates angle of tilt to the weight correction needed ? Forget about programming it for now and research the formula. When you have the weight from the scale and the angle of tilt from the gyro then it should be fairly easy to program it.

Just another thought. Will the boat move up and down vertically ? If so then you may need to compensate for acceleration too.

Incidentally, how sure are you that the scales provide accurate weight information when they are tilted ? That should be easy to test. Put a known weight on them and tilt the scales. What happens to the weight reading ?

By the way, I still don't understand why you need two monitors

one monitor on my control box is basically the indicator (MCT 1302) that one is already in use for the weight what its actually measuring with the scale, my 2nd monitor is going to be the display for the ''corrected'' weight what comes from the arduino.

and yes the boat moves vertically aswell.

but do you have any insight on how I get both pieces of data in my arduino so I can try and see how much I need to change the code later on?

Can you read the data from the scale using the Mega and display it ?
Can you read the data from the gyro using the Mega and display it ?
Until you can do both of these you will make no progress

The gyro is unlikely to be a serial device but it could be. Please provide a link to where you got it.

So here is the hookup guide for the gyro, already connected it to my pc seperately to see if it worked and it worked perfectly on the serial monitor (right now I got some problems to get it to work while its connected to my arduino though since it doesnt show me the serial monitor anymore).

here's the hookup guide of the gyro: Gyro

now we got the indicater, there isnt much on the internet about it or how to hook it up but im pretty sure it should work through the RS232.

here is the link of it: Weight indicator


1. Are you getting gyro signal in ‘RS232 UART Frame’ or ‘TTL UART Frame’? The ‘RS232 UART Frame’ has signal excursion between +12V (+6V) and -12V (-6V); whereas, ‘TTL UART Frame’ has signal excusion between +5V and 0V.

2. The UART Ports (Serial1, Serial2, Serila3) of MEGA are compatible with ‘TTL UART Frame’. Connecting MEGA with ‘RS232 UART Frame’ is forbidden to avoid damage to MEGA,

3. Similar question/query of Step-1/2 for your weight indicator.

4. If the gyro and weight indicator provides ‘RS232 UART Frame’ which is very likely, you have to use RS232 <----> TTL logic converter (MAX232) to connect the gyro and wieigt indicator signals with the MEGA’s UART Ports.

5. You have a PC connected with MEGA for uploading sketch. You will be able to open a Serial Monitor in the desktop area of your PC, which will work as the 2nd Monitor for you to visualize the ‘Corrected Weight’.

For what you’re doing, That indicator seems like /waaay/ overkill.
As UKheliBob suggested, as soon as you get the two sensors reading in the Arduino, the calculations and display are relatively trivial.

I’m guessing that display module is (very) expensive, It has far more capability than is needed for the problem as have described it.

EDIT: Perhaps @GolmMostafa can recommend some frames for this.