Two Serial Ports Showing Up But Uploading Fails


I recently bought several Lafvin Nanos for a STEM camp I'm doing in which we are building some robots. The prototype I built uses a different brand Nano that I had on hand. When I plug it in and choose the port only one shows up (dev/cu.usbserial-A9473TXD). All my sketches load just fine.

However, when I use the Lavfin board, two ports show up (dev/cu.usbserial-1420 and dev/cu.wchusbserial1420). It doesn't matter which port I use, the sketch always fails to upload.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Please do this:

  • (In the Arduino IDE) File > Preferences
  • Uncheck the checkbox next to “Show verbose output during: compilation”
  • Check the checkbox next to "Show verbose output during: upload
  • Click “OK”
  • Sketch > Upload
  • After the upload fails, you’ll see a button on the right side of the orange bar “Copy error messages” (or the icon that looks like two pieces of paper at the top right corner of the black console window in the Arduino Web Editor). Click that button.
  • In a forum reply here, click on the reply field.
  • Click the </> button on the forum toolbar. This will add the forum’s code tags markup to your reply.
  • Press “Ctrl + V”. This will paste the upload output between the code tags.
  • Move the cursor outside of the code tags before you add any additional text to your reply.