Two tft shields on one Mega

I want to connect two identical 3.5" TFT non-touch shields to one Mega. I'ḿ not interested in using any SD-slots. Is it possible to connect both shields in parallel (using wires), except CS and create a second TFT instance using CS_2?
Speed of refreshrate is not an issue. Both shields will show different data.

This is the problem with shields in general, and Arduinos like Uno & Mega that are designed to have shields fitted to them. They are fine if you only want to use them exactly as the shield designer intended. If not, they are just not very flexible or convenient!

I imagine what you suggest is possible. But I can also only imagine the huge mess of jumper wires and breadboards that will be necessary, and how difficult it will be to connect them all without making a single error.

Soldering wires together is not a problem to me. just need to know if it's possible.

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Do you have a schematic for the shield?

Nope. Why is it relevant?

I'm sure it is, and it has been done before. I believe it involves using two instances of the relevant library.

The schematic might reveal if extra circuits are required in order to connect two of these shields.

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