Two way analog switch

I am looking for an array of two way analog switches. What I am looking for is an IC which has multiple inputs and outputs. The analog voltage at any pin can be routed to any other pin by using address lines. Something like a bi directional mux/demux.

Like this?

Yeah...i'm talking about analog crosspoint switches.

Are you talking about those things like the MC14066B? Sorry I don't have a clue what you could use for that.

There's also the 4051, 4052, 4053.
The 4066 has a bunch (4) of on/off switches.
The 4051 has 1 output and 8 inputs.
The 4052 has 2 outputs which each have 4 inputs.
The 4053 has 4 outputs which each have 2 inputs.

Output and input are interchangeable as they are bidirectional.

These are no matrices which can connect any input to any output, as i think was asked for.

A search at Digi-Key comes up with 211 various Crosspoint Switches.