Two-Way communication Via Xbee Through Arduino.

Hey Everyone,

As the title explains I’m trying to implement two-way communication between Arduinos Via Xbee, I’m very new to Xbee’s and Arduinos so my experience with them isn’t very high, but I need to crash course into them for tertiary reasons.

The basic premise is that i’m trying to replace a RJ12 cable, sending data via an RS485 protocol (Full duplex), it consists of 2 cables which both transmit and recieve…But before I even get to implementing that I need to try and implement two-way communication. I’ve set up two-way communication through the Xbee console in XCTU, and can send data one way, but I can’t seem to get the Adruino to recieve the data from the Xbee, It just stays there or is pulled out as garbage code.

If anyone knows some guides or can qoute some code that they think might work or know works that I can refverse engineer I would be greatly appreciative.

Hello ,

here is a tutorial I did last year along your lines. I think it will be of help to you.

Arduino and Xbees

Please be sure to see the Youtube vids I mention at the beginning of the article. It will be very helpful too.

PS- I think mine is based on the Uno, but I know the Arduino code can be ported very easily to each other. I've done that for myself for my YUN.