Two way communication with NRF24l01 Transceivers

hi all,

In my project I'm going to connect 5 sub units to a main unit via RF transceivers. I'm using NRF24l01 transceivers with Arduino mega for main unit and Uno for sub units.I have tried many ways with various libraries(RF24,NRF24L01,etc...) but couldn't come up with a working one for bi direction :confused: .there are many transmitter and receiver codes. Most of codes that i tried work but the case is they all are only one way connections.but i couldn't combine them to work as a bi directional link. some ppl said that use of IRQ pin as a interrupt. [u]any how i need all the sub units to receive all the data sent from the main unit and transmit data when needed,and same time main unit to transmit all the data need to be sent and receive data sent by sub units[/u].I saw some codes using two pipes to receive and transmit but still i can't figure it out to work. If any one have a idea please help me with this.please. :(

Thank You.


please any :confused:

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