two way switching of electronic appliances using arduino and touchscreen..!

i have arduino uno board and 12v 4 channel relay shield. i am working on a project where i have to operate 12V lamp using Bluetooth and touch screen module(5v signals). Apart from that using the same touch screen i am trying to operate 230V ac motor in 3 speed stages. The touch screen part is working with other circuitry but its not working when i am trying to embed it with arduino and Bluetooth. The voltage of touch screen or arduino outputs are in the range of 3 to 5V. Can anybody help me with this? :neutral_face:

Your title is a bit misleading.

You need to post a schematic of how you have wired your touch screen to the arduino and also post the code you are trying to drive it with.

actually the touch screen isn't connected to arduino. its a separate part which is already working. arduino is the modification in it to make it work using bluetooth and android.
touch screen output is similar to arduino output. so logically it should work.

Ok so I thought you wanted help. Didn’t realise you were a time waster.