Two way wireless communication between multiple arduinos


I have a question regarding two way wireless communication between about 15 modules of arduino. Required range is about 100m. Boards must send and receive data between each other. I'm looking for the best solution (also easy to programming). Do you have any experience in this topic.

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Are all the Arduinos in fixed positions, or are they moving about? Are they in an open field or are there obstacles between them?

I have built a wireless model railway control system with 2-way comms but I have no idea whether the Deltino devices I used would have 100m range.


Arduino boards will be in the fixed position. Range I think is also not a big problem, because boards will be inside hall. So there will not many barriers for the signal. Required range =< 100m.

It should work in that way:

Main board will receive data from others modules and send data to those modules - two way communication. Binary information will be usually sent.

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100m is a VERY large hall

Are you sure you don't mean 100 ft ?


;) 100m.

The question is which module I should use. Which module allows a control in that way.

interesting problem, I need do something similar... Any progress/ideas?

Maybe some type of NRF24L01 module would fit your requirements.

Have a look at Ultimate nRF24L01 range comparison.