Two web pages and one Yun

I am developing a project where the index.html page is located in /sd/pasar/


I have no problems to see the page here:

In this webpage there is a button to open a new page to see the streamer of the webcam, as explained in this forum. I can see the video streaming here::

I have modified the javascript_simple.html file to have buttons. However, I cannot send any command to the Yun, probably because the javascript_simple.html file is located in


I have the same button in both pages with this command:


of course it works well with index.html. No works with javascript_simple.html. I have tried for javascript_simple.html file the following commands:

$.get('') $.get('')

with no sucess.

Any help, please? Which is the correct command for javascript_simple.html?

Thanks in advance.

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