TXB0102 Level Translator with HM-10 bluetooth.... [SOLVED!]

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to connect HM-10 module to atmega328p using TXB0102 Level Translator, but, without any luck!
I got nothing on serial terminal.
I noticed something weird when measuring the voltage on rx, tx. It’s the same as b side which is around 5V.
One more thing, in my schematic both caps are 100nF but in real they are 1uF because I didn’t get my 100nF caps yet, but my guess it’s not a big deal.

Any help or suggestion is a very appreciated.




It was my mistake when I connected the OE pin (output enable pin) to ground so I disabled the output of the IC.

By connecting the OE pin to VCCA (VCC of port A which is 3.3V in my case) so it enables the IC and it works! :wink: