TYJ50-8a7 Motor Control

So I just started with Arduino and finished some of the popular tutorials involving LEDs and motors.
Figured it might be time to create something on my own. So I got my hands on an old microwave and salvaged the TYJ50-8a7 Motor that was used for the turntable.

From what I gather, it is rated for 200-220v AC. Is there any way to easily control it? Do I need to produce alternating current through a wall plug and control it with a relay? or is there another proper way to do it? I don't really feel comfortable getting hooked up to a 220v wall plug (I live in the middle east we are getting a 220v in-house) with my current experience level.

Datasheet of the motor: TYJ50-8A7 motor Datasheet pdf - Synchronus motor. Equivalent, Catalog

My advice would be that if you have to ask such questions then you should not even attempt to use teh motor

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Yeah, that's what I thought, but still would like to learn a bit about the stuff so I am asking.

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