Type & Control Mouse Using 3DS Thumbstick With Arduino

Hi, everyone,

I have carpal tunnel/RSI and typing is killing me. I need a hands-free solution to typing and mousing. Eye tracking with TobiiEyeX and head tracking using a modified Wiimote is too sensitive/inaccurate to operate an onscreen keyboard with. Leap Motion hand tracker has the same problems. It also happens that I have a chronic sore throat problem, so Dragon Naturally Speaking is also not a solution. (Lucky me.) Even gripping an Xbox 360 controller and using the joysticks produces pain. Using a foot mouse would also produce extreme lower back pain after a while. However, I may have a solution, but I need your help.

My idea is to use a 3DS circle pad or equivalent (PSP thumbstick, IBM Trackpoint, etc.) to control the mouse with and type using an onscreen keyboard. The circle pad would be controlled with the elbow, foot, or toe, eliminating the source of the pain caused by typing.

I found a link where I can buy the 3DS circle pad board here: (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/10pcs-lot-original-Replacement-For-Nintendo-3DS-XL-3DS-LL-3D-Joystick-Analog-Stick/32257494541.html)

and the thumbpad itself here: (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/for-Nintendo-3DS-XL-LL-Part-Analog-Controller-Stick-Cap-3D-Joystick-For-3DS-2pcs/32218438530.html)

I don't even own an Arduino, and I have zero programming, hardware hacking, or soldering/wiring experience, but I'm desperate for a solution and will try anything. I'll buy an Arduino if you guys know of a way that I can use the 3DS circle pad with Arduino to control a Windows PC/Laptop with. Any advice is appreciated, and if you can link me to a video or website where I can gain the relevant wiring/soldering experience I would need for this project, that would be great. But better yet, if a product like what I'm talking about already exists that you know of, please let me know.

Thank you.

This may interest you: http://www.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/communication/alternative-computer-inputs-_-head-or-eye-operated-p/lipstick-mouse-controller-0113829-1326-information.htm.

If you use a Leonardo or Micro version of Arduino, you can connect it via USB to your computer and easily make it appear as a mouse; there's no need for a power supply unit.

I am wondering if a force-sensitive resistor such as this example would help, especially if using your elbows.

If you are in the UK, a local REMAP panel may be able to help you.